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The MeDioStar Monolith

The MeDioStar represents a cutting-edge laser utilized by clinics and physicians worldwide. As the most effective technology for permanent hair removal across all skin types, it also assists in eliminating ingrown hairs and dark pigmentation on the treated skin. This advanced laser ensures a pain-free, safe, and comfortable experience, thanks to its 360-degree cooling system. Achieving long-lasting results necessitates a series of 6-12 sessions, tailored to your skin type and hair, to reach your desired goals.

NOTE: While the MeDioStar can treat all skin types, the 1064nm YAG laser is recommended for skin type VI to achieve the most effective results. However, please be aware that the laser will not be effective for blonde, grey, and red hair, as it targets dark pigment, unless there is some dark colouration present in the hair.

PRE-TREATMENT: It is crucial to shave the 24hrs before your appointment to avoid cuts and prevent excessive skin sensitivity, which would hinder treatment over open wounds. Also, shaving on the same day may result in irritation and hairs getting burnt onto the skin, causing pitting during treatment. Furthermore, for a period of 4 weeks before any laser treatment, discontinue the use of any topically applied exfoliating agents (such as retinol, AHA, BHA, etc.) to ensure optimal outcomes.

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