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To ensure exceptional outcomes, Yasmin exclusively works with the finest medical-grade technologies, treatments, and products that are FDA and Health Canada approved. She is passionate about expanding her knowledge, constantly striving to learn more, and upholding the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and trustworthiness as an Aesthetician. Yasmin is dedicated to being honest and transparent, offering only the best because that's what you deserve.


Yasmin initially began studying Criminology at the University of Toronto. However, with the onset of COVID right at the beginning of her studies, it became challenging to engage in hands-on procedures and various other aspects of the field. Consequently, she decided to take a year off to work and explore her true passion, aiming to find a career she would truly love. During this time, Yasmin stumbled across a course that encompassed everything she was passionate about. Upon completing the course, she gained experience working at two different Medical Spas in Toronto.

Yasmin has obtained her Medical Aesthetician Diploma, among others, and realized that her remarkable visions and ideas should be shared with others. Her goal is to offer the finest treatments and results to her clients. Having personally experienced acne and other skin sensitivities from a young age, Yasmin tried numerous approaches that unfortunately didn't yield results and may have made things worse. It was only when she delved deeper into the root causes of these problems that she discovered effective solutions. She continues to explore various options to address all concerns and is eager to share her extensive knowledge and hard work with all her clients.


What Makes Us Different?

We are dedicated to helping our clients become the best versions of themselves. We believe that enhancing and embracing one's natural beauty enables you to experience the profound benefits of contentment, confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and empowerment. These transformative qualities positively impact daily activities and responsibilities.
Our foundation lies in personalized treatments tailored to address the specific concerns and goals of each client. We recognize that everyone is unique and has different skincare objectives. That's why we take the time to listen, assess thoroughly, and create the perfect customized plans designed exclusively for you. Our plans comprise treatments, routines, regimens, and expert tips, all tailored to the individual walking through our doors, making your unique needs our primary focus.
What holds significance to you holds equal importance to us; it is as much our priority as yours. We are here to make your aspirations and desires a reality, helping you achieve the radiant and confident self you deserve.

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The clinic

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